Beautiful Green Emu Eggs Blown Out And Cleaned
Beautiful Green Emu Eggs Blown Out And Cleaned
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Beautiful Green Emu Eggs Blown Out And Cleaned. Great for arts and crafts, painting, carving, etching or as a conversation piece. These Emu Eggs are in excellent condition. Laid by birds that I own. They have one small neat hole in one of the ends which allowed for them to be blown out and cleaned. If you have never seen an Emu Egg they are very beautiful and quite a sight.

Because I try to list Emu Eggs for sale year round and because I offer more than one for sale, I use a stock picture of an Emu Egg laid by one of my Emu hens. This picture was taken outside, in the grass, on a sunny day. Each Emu hen will lay a somewhat different size, shape, color and texture Emu Egg. For this reason, the Emu Egg or Eggs that you receive may differ in size, shape, color and texture from the picture.
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