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Interesting Articles On Emu Oil

Interesting Articles On Emu Oil

AEA Certified Fully Refined

What Is AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil?

All Emu Oil refiners pull samples for in-house analysis to determine oil grade. AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil is Grade A Emu Oil in which the sample is sent to an American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) chemist for an independent analysis. The results of that analysis are registered with the American Emu Association. The AEA Certified Fully Refined seal is the consumers™ reassurance that a third party tested the oil for purity.

Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism Causing You To Suffer?

Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism are very real problems especially with old and middle-aged people. An alarmingly high percentage of the working population irrespective of their age are also reporting these problems. Further, did you know that there are more than 300,000 children diagnosed with mild Juvenile Arthritis (a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis) in the United States? There are medical differences between these problems, but Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism are at least partially caused by inflammation of the fluid-filled sac that lies between a tendon and skin or between a tendon and the bone. These extremely painful conditions in your body are very real. They can and do affect more than just the joints and the connective tissues. Unless diagnosed and treated timely and correctly, these have the potential to affect other parts of the body and it does not end there. Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism are known to jeopardize the body infrastructure in a dangerously permanent way.
If you are careful, you can avoid unnecessary exposure to Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism. Even if you are already impacted, you have the ability to slow down the problem considerably. What is needed is proper regular care for your skeletal muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. Use of all-natural oils, especially Emu Oil, should also be a part of your regular care. Use of Emu Oil can increase and improve circulation, relax and soothe the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the bones and joints and help with any pain, discomfort, stiffness and inflammation.
Common uses for Emu Oil include Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism, joint and muscle pain and stiffness and numerous other joint and muscle problems and conditions. If your problem is related to your joints or muscles, Emu Oil can most likely provide you with some relief. Researchers found that Emu Oil has both pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties along with a unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin and muscle. This penetrating quality means that the active ingredients in both Emu Oil and in creams and lotions containing Emu Oil can quickly pass through the protective layer of the skin and help provide relief to the problem area.
Located deep in the southern part of the United States, in the north-eastern corner of Louisiana, Denis Baker Emus is fully committed to the Emu Industry and Emu Oil related products. You can expect the finest quality Emu Oil Products, delivered in a timely fashion and at very reasonable costs. So, if Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Rheumatism are causing you to suffer, visit Denis Baker Emus for all of your Emu Oil and Emu Oil Product needs.

Burns, Wounds, Sores And Scars Healing Slowly And Causing You Pain And Discomfort?

If your Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars are healing slowly and causing you pain and discomfort, this article may direct you to a source that can help address many of your problems. We all have a lot of scars on different parts of our body caused during childhood, teenage days and even up to the present. Many scars surface on our knees, since we are prone to fall down on bended knees. Others become significant in appearance on vital parts of our body, as the consequence of vaccine injections, tattoos, accidents and minor or major operations and treatments. Many times these Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars do not go away easily and heal very slowly, causing a lot of pain and discomfort in the affected area.
Do you know what the native Australians used to do when they were suffering from Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars? They found a natural solution from their sacred bird, the Emu. Living in the harsh desert-like environment of interior Australia, they were frequently exposed to these same problems and used Emu Oil literally for thousands of years for protection against Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars, as well as for general wellness of the skin from harsh elements such as wind and sun.
According to researchers, Emu Oil is made up of mostly mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids which are important for a healthy skin and body.  Its high levels of oleic acid produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Industry-leading researchers and scientists have helped bring Emu Oil to various commercial applications within the health care industry, including its applications in helping people involving Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars. If you are interested in learning more, it is highly recommended that you read the reports that were published in the Australian Post regarding experiments by Dr. Peter Gosh, Raymond Purves Bone and Joint Research Laboratories, University of Sydney at the Royal North Shore Hospital and Dr. Michael Whitehouse, Department of Pathology, University of Adelaide. Today, studies regarding the properties of Emu Oil have expanded to prominent noted facilities and groups, including research at the Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center and other leading universities.
With all of it's great properties, you can can not go wrong using Emu Oil for Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars. Some great commercial products using Emu Oil  are available that are being distributed by Denis Baker Emus. So, if Burns, Wounds, Sores and Scars are healing slowly and causing you pain and discomfort, visit Denis Baker Emus for all of your Emu Oil and Emu Oil Product needs.

Thin Skin, Wrinkles And Age Spots Causing You To Look And Feel Older Than You Really Are?

Thin Skin, Wrinkles and Age Spots appear partly because of old age, but there are many other things that cause the skin to become thin, discolored with age spots and wrinkle in places that it never did before. Did you know being out in the sun too much is unhealthy for you no matter how you look at it? Wearing make-up is a part of a woman’s daily routine, but in many cases it can also cause premature wrinkles in the skin. And believe it or not, eating habits can cause premature wrinkling of the skin. Eating junk foods more than you should without getting your skin the proper nutrients it needs to stay vibrant and healthy can also induce Thin Skin, Wrinkles and Age Spots.
If you are careful, you can stop unnecessary wrinkles from appearing. Better yet, you can prevent Thin Skin, Wrinkles and Age Spots from happening much sooner than they would have otherwise. Now that you know some of the causes of Thin Skin, Wrinkles and Age Spots, you can slow down that process or even bring it to a screeching halt. In addition to the above, also consider the use of all-natural oils that are good for different aspects of health care, especially Emu Oil.
Historically, Emu Oil was regularly used by native Australians to gain relief from dry skin conditions, aches, pains and wounds. It was especially relevant to them given the harsh desert-like environment for a large part of that continent. Native Australians have used Emu Oil literally for thousands of years and continue to use Emu Oil today to protect their skin from harsh elements such as wind and sun. But only recently have industry leading researchers and scientists helped bring Emu Oil to new and various commercial applications within the health care industry.
Each Emu Oil Product has its own unique properties. Some of the products available include pure Emu Oil, cream, skin supplements for burns and wounds, soap, lip balm, dietary supplements in the form of capsules, facial cream, age defying serum, hair conditioner, hair shampoo, hand and body lotion, sun cream, psoriasis cream, dry skin cream, moisturizer, etc.

Research is still going on today to bring out the maximum potential of Emu Oil for the benefit of the overall health care industry. There are committed participants who are developing this segment of the industry with top notch quality products and distribution capabilities. Denis Baker Emus, located deep in the southern part of the United States, in the north-eastern corner of Louisiana, is one of these committed participants that delivers some of the finest quality Emu Oil Products the Emu Industry offers. So, if Thin Skin, Wrinkles and Age Spots are causing you to look and feel older than you really are, you can certainly find the Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products you need from Denis Baker Emus.

Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis And Rashes Causing You Discomfort?

Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Rashes are skin conditions that cause swelling, irritation, redness, itching and flakiness. Many times, when skin is flaking, it is due to several possible causes. One of the main causes is dry skin. As skin dries out, it can crack, start peeling and there you have flakiness. This is true for people who live in colder climates during the winter time and for people living in extremely dry desert-like environments, like the native Australians. They did not term these problems as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Rashes, but they nevertheless were exposed to them. For thousands of years, they have been using Emu Oil to gain relief from these very same skin conditions.
The Emu is a sacred bird in Australia which had tremendous influence in the society of the native Australians. According to Australian Aborigines the Emu skin was hung from a tree and the fat and oil was removed and used. The Aborigines introduced Emu Oil to the first Europeans as a natural sun screen and skin moisturizer and it was widely accepted by the settlers. Much later, Emu Oil started attracting serious attention from leading researchers and universities. Researchers have found that Emu Oil is made up of mostly mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids, which are important for a healthy skin and body, with high levels of linolenic acid known to ease joint and muscle pain and oleic acid which produces an anti-inflammatory effect.
Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Rashes or any other special skin conditions that create swelling, irritation, flaking or red patches along with a lot of itching can be treated by the application of Emu Oil and various Emu Oil Products, helping to soothe and relieve the symptoms. It is these positive results of using Emu Oil and creams and lotions containing Emu Oil that has made it very popular with people suffering from these types of skin conditions.
No one enjoys an itch and when these irritable skins conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Rashes develop, life can become a nightmare. If they are not diagnosed and treated properly they can become worse and can lead to more serious conditions.  Fortunately, Emu Oil and it’s creams and lotions are products where you can find some relief. So, if Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Rashes are causing you discomfort and you want to know more about Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products, visit Denis Baker Emus for all of your Emu Oil and Emu Oil Product needs.

Rough, Dry, Itchy Skin Causing You Discomfort?     

The constant itching of the skin is known to cause immense discomfort, unless some quick relief measures are taken immediately. Our skin is most sensitive and can easily be irritated and once it is, there is a great risk of discomfort. Did you know that your skin is sensitive to the sun, wind, rain and cold, just to name a few. Rough, dry, itchy skin are telltale signs that set off an alarm that some real time natural solutions are quickly needed for your skin.

If your rough, dry, itchy skin is causing you discomfort or if you are feeling a burning, itchy sensation, it is high time you resort to Emu Oil for your skin. Emu Oil is an all-natural, deep penetrating, highly effective, tissue nutrient that will improve the texture of your skin, while providing the much needed  relief and comfort you need from rough, dry, itchy skin.

So, protect yourself from rough, dry, itchy skin, look for all-natural Emu Oil. Emu Oil is even safe for young children and babies. Quick relief from rough, dry, itchy skin is available when you use a long lasting solution, such as Emu Oil, that is deep and fast penetrating, moisturizing and soothing. Emu Oil has been a long hidden secret of nature and can provide the much need protection and relief for your skin.  
Explore Denis Baker Emus and the interesting and exciting world of Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products. If rough, dry, itchy skin is causing you pain and discomfort, then look no further than Denis Baker Emus for Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products and join the thousands of people who are enjoying them already.

Looking For A Skin Care Product For Your Skin Disorder? 

For effective skin care to prevent or treat itching, burns, wounds, sores and scars and even joint and muscle pain and stiffness, as well as a host of other skin disorders, people prefer products made from natural formulations. Many are based on the ancient tried and tested properties of naturally available substances. The healing properties of such natural elements has been tested over ages and was regularly used by the indigenous people of various ancient cultures. For example, the native Australians used Emu Oil for skin care and skin disorders of most any form. Emu Oil was used for helping skin problems and skin disorders long before modern medical science accepted it to treat the same.
There is simply no alternative to natural products. If you are looking for a skin care product for your skin disorder, you need look no further than Emu Oil and products made from Emu Oil. They are excellent for rough, dry, itchy skin, joint and muscle pain and stiffness, skin care and skin disorders, burns, wounds, sores and scars, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and rheumatism, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and eczema, thin skin, wrinkles and age spots.
Skin disorders can cause embarrassing moments and the faster you can get quality relief, the better. Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products are a creation of modern times, using an ancient idea that worked for centuries and backed by years of cutting edge research. The great benefits of Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products, for providing all-natural help for skin care and skin disorders, is fast catching on among young and old.
There are few, if any, homes coast to coast where a skin care or muscle and joint reliever made from natural ingredients is not needed for emergency, as well as for regular use. These types of natural creams, lotions and oils are not known to create the kind of side-effects you can experience from artificial products. They tend to penetrate faster and deeper and hence, provide the much needed relief for your skin, joints and muscles.
Explore Denis Baker Emus for all of your Emu Oil and Emu Oil Product needs. If you are looking for a skin care product for your skin disorder, then look no further than Denis Baker Emus. No medicine cabinet should be without Emu Oil. Join the thousands across the world today that are already enjoying Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products for their skin care and skin disorder needs.

Joint And Muscle Pain And Stiffness Got You Down?

Joint and muscle pain and stiffness can get you down. Before you know what really ails you, immobility can set in. There has been an increased demand for an effective treatment, since we risk being afflicted with muscle and joint related problems more these days, due to our sedentary lifestyles.
Are you down with joint and muscle pain and stiffness and do not know how to get effective relief? Then, you must consider Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products from Denis Baker Emus.
The beneficial effects of Emu Oil was known to the ancient inhabitants of Australia. In recent times, the global medical fraternity has waken up to the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil. Products derived from Emu Oil can be of use to people coast to coast. Emu Oil is fast acting, deep penetrating and a soothing oil. The pain and discomfort is soothed, softened and gets addressed faster. Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products are considered a boon for people afflicted with joint and muscle pain and stiffness.
The pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil was little known until recently. Life can get better with Emu Oil, as it is an all-natural, deep penetrating, highly effective, tissue nutrient with no known side-effects. Your skin, joints and muscles need nutrition on a regular basis and it is only by providing regular nourishment, pain and stiffness of the muscles and joints can be kept at bay.
The need of the hour is a natural product that can be free from the usual side-effects and not hamper health, while treating pain and discomfort.  The soothing and softening properties of Emu Oil are amazing and relief can be found quickly. People are finding Emu Oil to be one of the most viable and surefire pain relievers available. Pain and stiffness, as well as problems with joints and muscles, are fast becoming a thing of the past for those who regularly take recourse with the age old remedy, Emu Oil.
Explore Denis Baker Emus for your Emu Oil and Emu Oil Product needs. If joint and muscle pain and stiffness has you down, try Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products from Denis Baker Emus. You will be glad you did.

Emu Oil And Emu Oil Products From Denis Baker Emus – Rediscover The Ancient Magic! 

Denis Baker Emus, a Bastrop, Louisiana based distributor of AEA Certified Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil, as well as Emu Oil Products, has announced today that the company has enhanced its inventory of  Emu Oil Products, as well as it’s online visibility via a new and improved website. At Denis Baker Emus, we are fully committed to the Emu industry and Emu Oil related products.
People coast to coast are fast realizing the benefits of Emu Oil, which previously helped indigenous Australians recover from a wide array of ailments for centuries. Emu Oil Products are now available online. The major reason why people are logging in to buy with great gusto is because Emu Oil works. If you are suffering from skin, muscle or joint problems, Emu Oil can most likely help.
Aborigines in Australia knew from the beginning of time that they could lead better and healthier lives by applying Emu Oil regularly. Modern science has helped find many new and different uses for Emu Oil. Emu Oil is all-natural and without side-effects. Emu Oil is safe even on young children and babies.

Emu Oil Products include creams, moisturizers, hand and body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and pain relieving analgesics, all available in attractively packed containers and jars. Fully Refined Pure Emu Oil is available in bottles for skin care, skin disorders and pain and stiffness relief. Soaps, both scented and unscented, can also be used for bathing purposes to sooth your skin and for chapped lips there is a lip balm as well. The history of Emu Oil is very old and recognized for its skin penetrating properties. Emu Oil contains mostly mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids, which can do wonders for a vibrant and healthy skin.

Since 1993, many have benefited, when Denis Baker Emus started marketing Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products from Bastrop, Louisiana. To learn more about Denis Baker Emus visit:
http://www.denisbakeremus.com  or email  emuoil@gmail.com

Summer Sun Creates A Need For Special Skin Care.

Summer creates its share of special skin problems.  The skin all over the body is subjected to sun, wind, salt and chlorinated pool water at this time of year.  Emu Oil is the answer to sunburned, dry and irritated skin.
The skin is a natural barrier against Summer sun and wind.  The outermost layer of skin (epidermis) is very important to keeping the inner layers of skin protected.  Leading skin specialists agree that this is the time of year that the skin craves oils to replenish those being lost through the sun's burning rays.  Emu Oil contains wonderful Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), including Omega 3 and Omega 6.  These EFAs along with other short chain fatty acids, like Omega  9, help to keep the outer and inner layers of the skin nourished, moisturized and rehydrated.  By using Emu Oil you can feed the outer surface of skin while replenishing the essential fatty acids deeper within the lower layers of the skin. 

Emu Oil can be a lifesaver for dry, sun damaged skin.  Emu Oil's amazing transdermal properties allow it to quickly penetrate to the lower layers of the skin delivering its nutrients to the cells.  It is a nourishing and moisturizing oil, which has the same lipid (fat) panel as human skin.  Emu Oil rebalances the fatty acids to ensure softer and more hydrated skin.  Emu Oil is all natural.  There are no chemicals and no fillers to further irritate your skin’s already delicate state. 

Emu Oil is safe for all ages.  Whether newborn or elderly, it will help to soothe your dry, itchy skin problems.  When you purchase Emu Oil, look for the AEA Certified Emu Oil logo.  This logo ensures that it has met or exceeded the AEA guidelines for Fully Refined Emu Oil.
Information For The Health Conscious Consumer Provided By The American Emu Association.
What is AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil?
AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil is Pure Emu Oil* that has been tested by an AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society) certified chemist and has been certified to meet the stringent specifications for the Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade Rules. This well-documented certification process ensures that the Emu Oil has been tested and has achieved the specifications of Fully-Refined Emu Oil.  A sample is held in storage from each batch and can be pulled for testing if there is any question of product purity. 
Only Pure Emu Oil* that has gone through this stringent evaluation process can carry the AEA Certification Seal.
How many different grades of Emu Oil are there and how are they used?
The Emu Oil Trade Rules which were established by the American Emu Association under the advisement and consultation of members of the American Oil Chemist Society recognize three different grades: Crude, Once Refined and Fully Refined.  Crude Emu Oil is commonly used in soaps and animal feed products.  Once Refined Emu Oil is used for industrial and some cosmetics purposes.  Fully Refined Emu Oil is used for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Dietary Supplement Purposes.  
The American Emu Association does not recognize a pharmaceutical grade or a cosmetic grade.  These are marketing terms used by some products companies.
Why is Fully Refined Emu Oil Important?
This Fully Refined designation or specification for Pure Emu Oil* is primarily for the safety of the consumer. 
Danger only exists when the Pure Emu Oil is to be used on the human skin or is to be taken orally. If the Pure Emu Oil is not Fully Refined, there is risk that the oil is contaminated or has not been sterilized. 
How can I tell if the Emu Oil is Fully Refined and Safe to use?
To be assured that you are purchasing Fully Refined Emu Oil, always look for the AEA Certification Seal on every bottle of Emu Oil that you buy; otherwise, you are merely taking the word of the seller that the grade of Emu Oil is what they are claiming.
Is Imported Crude Emu Oil superior to American Crude Emu Oil?
No.  The University of Massachusetts compared the anti-inflammatory activity of American Crude Emu Oil and Australian Crude Emu Oil and found no differences. Additional studies on Emu Oil samples from fourteen countries around the world: Chile, China, Canada, South Africa, France, Mexico, Hungary, Russia, New Zealand, India, Australia, Germany, Greece, and Scotland.  They found that there are no significant differences in Crude Emu Oil regardless of the country of origin.
Why are there so many price variations found for Pure Emu Oil*?
Emu Oil pricing is determined by the analytical analysis of the Emu Oil to be sold and, as in all commodities, market supply and demand. The analytical analysis of the grade of Emu Oil to be sold should correspond to one of the Trade Rule specifications designated by the American Emu Association.  
Where does Emu Oil come from?
Emu Oil comes from the fat, a food by-product obtained when the bird is processed for its lean red meat.
* Note:  Pure Emu Oil means that the oil is not adulterated with other oils.  Any of the three grades of Emu Oil recognized by the American Emu Association may be Pure Emu Oil.  Crude Emu Oil needs to be further processed before being utilized in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement purposes due to the possibility of impurities.  Once Refined Emu Oil requires further processing before being utilized in pharmaceutical or dietary supplements due to the possibility of impurities.

THE Natural Alternative™
The Natural Alternative.

For health conscious individuals who want THE Natural Alternative, Emu Oil improves health –both topically and internally – and also relieves discomfort from skin and inflammatory conditions. 

Unlike other choices, Emu Oil:

Promotes faster relief as a superior skin supplement.
Transports products quickly through the skin getting ingredients to the source of the problem, allowing OTC and cosmetic products to work better.
Is a natural, odorless anti-inflammatory with no side effects.
Is high in the essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and beneficial 9.
Taken internally, lowers LDL cholesterol level and raises HDL level.
Is non-greasy, leaves no residue on the skin.
Is an all natural, renewable resource.
Ensures customer safety when it is Certified, Fully Refined as specified by the American Emu Association Trade Rules.

Emu Oil For Your Pet.

Skin irritations can drive you and your pet crazy. There are many reasons why pets scratch. During the summer they could be suffering from bug bites, ear mites, sunburn, allergies or scratches. Your pet may have hot spots that become inflamed. When the weather turns colder, dogs with dry skin may start itching. Some breeds are more prone to skin problems than others. As pets age, they may also be more susceptible to skin problems such as eczema.

Whatever the reason, you need to find your dogs dry skin treatment quickly. If your pet continues scratching it could lead to loss of hair, bleeding and possible infection. You may be concerned that an over-the-counter lotion for dogs dry skin may contain chemicals or allergens that might make your pet’s condition even worse. Some prescription products may only mask your pet’s symptoms rather than alleviate them, and could cause long-term damage.

That’s why many pet owners use Emu Oil for dogs. Emu Oil can penetrate your pet’s skin quickly and provide relief. Emu Oil is also used for dogs’ hot spots and abrasions because the anti-inflammatory properties and anti-fungal properties help to soothe these conditions. This all-natural product contains no soap, no detergent or other ingredients that might be harmful to your pet, so you won’t have to worry if they try to lick it. Non-toxic Emu Oil is comprised of Omega 3, 6, 9 and other fatty acids which can help restore moisture and replenish damaged skin.

Emu Oil is safe to use with animals of all types including cats, birds, horses, ferrets, reptiles, and others. Many pet owners use it instead of shampoo for its cleansing properties and because they like the thick, shiny, healthy hair it leaves on their pet. Like humans, many pets can experience muscle pain, joint stiffness or arthritis which may prevent them from having fun and getting a proper amount of exercise. Emu Oil can also be used as a safe, anti-inflammatory rub to help loosen reduce stiffness so your pet can become more mobile. It has also been shown to help stomach problems when added to a pet’s food.

If you’re looking for a safe alternative to help dogs with dry skin, inflamed joints, and other skin conditions, Emu Oil could be the answer for you.

By Katy Binford

Emu Oil Promotes Healthy Skin.

The benefits of Emu Oil are becoming more well known as it is used in an increasing number of body and hair care products, and as people recognize its moisturizing properties. Pure Emu Oil is non-comedogenic, so it is safe for use on sensitive skin. It is an excellent moisturizer for people who have dry skin and many tattoo artists use the oil for general tattoo care.

Multiple Skin and Hair Benefits

Because of its purity, non-comedogenic, anti-fungal, and gentle properties, Emu Oil can be helpful for soothing skin irritations from burns, acne, itchiness from dry skin and much more. It is useful for softening cuticles and moisturizing dry hands. Massage therapists often use the oil during massages because it isn’t greasy and penetrates deeply into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Tattoo artists recommend that their clients use the oil for tattoo after care. It is great for keeping the tattooed area moisturized, while also helping to reduce swelling and keeping infection at bay. In addition, Emu Oil is a dry oil, so there is no greasy residue, yet it helps to set colors for a richer effect. For many of these reasons, professional piercers also recommend it for piercing aftercare.

Beauty Care Products

One of the natural results of aging is the graying of hair. Gray hair is caused by a loss of pigment in the hair shaft. Because of the loss of pigment, hair becomes dryer, frizzier and more unmanageable. Products such as Country Divine’s Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Rejuvenating Conditioner are gentle enough to replenish the lost moisture without any undesireable buildup.

Many beauty and cosmetic companies also recognize how wonderful this oil is. Mark Potter, a chemist for the Donna Karan Beauty was so convinced of the benefits of Emu Oil that the company became the first American company to include the oil as an ingredient in their beauty products. His remarks appeared in an article in the September 1999 issue of Vogue Magazine. ‘I think it will be another aloe vera. It’s really the ideal oil.’

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil are well known, and it has been used to soothe inflamed skin following chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It can also soothe some of the discomfort from burns and other types of minor skin irritations.

Whether used to moisturize hair, soothe dry, irritated skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles or stretch marks from pregnancy, fast absorbing, non-comedogenic Emu Oil promotes healthier skin.

By: Katy Binford


Until recently, the emu, a flightless bird that is native to Australia, was unheard of to Americans. In Australia, however, the Aborigines have known about the benefits of Emu Oil for a very long time and used the oil for therapeutic purposes. Emu Oil consists of 70 percent unsaturated fatty acids, and is a rich source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. It is also used in beauty and personal care products because it is hypo-allergenic and noncomedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores. It is an outstanding moisturizer because it penetrates deeply into the skin, making it an ideal ingredient for people who have dry skin, sensitive skin or other dermatological skin problems.

Today, this versatile oil remains largely unknown to the American public, so here are 5 benefits of Emu Oil that can be applied in everyday life.


Many people know that a new tattoo or piercing requires follow up care. What many people don’t know is that Emu Oil’s anti-inflamatory, hypo allergenic, and noncomedogenic properties make it a fantastic tattoo and piercing aftercare product.

An article in the Winter 2004 issue of The Point, a newsletter for the Association of Professional Piercers entitled “Emu Oil for Post Piercing Care,” by Elayne Angel, discussed the way she discovered how beneficial Emu Oil is for after body piercing. The article explains how she tested the effectiveness of the oil on her employees, and their feedback convinced her of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Emu Oil has been shown to help stimulate cell growth, which can help reduce inflammation associated with burns.

Co-Founder of Country Divine, Katy Binford, used Emu Oil after chemotherapy to help soothe her burns.

Here at Country Divine, we have first hand experience with this particular benefit of Emu Oil.  After undergoing chemotherapy treatment for skin cancer, our co-founder, Katy Binford, was left with facial burns.  She applied Emu Oil to the burned areas for several days to help alleviate the inflammation with great results.


Emu Oil has been shown to help restore elasticity to the skin, which can be particularly helpful for acne, stretch marks and under eye wrinkles. Its hypo allergenic, anti-inflammatory, and noncomedogenic properties make Emu Oil lotion, moisturizer, and even Pure Emu Oil perfect for use on the skin.  It is also gentle so that it doesn’t irritate the skin of people with severe sensitivities and it doesn’t clog pores!


Emu Oil shampoo is an excellent hair and scalp treatment. The fatty acids in the shampoo, along with Emu Oil’s natural deep penetrating moisturizing properties make it ideal for the treatment of dry hair. In addition, other botanical oils, mainly rosemary oil promotes hair growth while stimulating the scalp. The combination of pure essential oils and Emu Oil leave hair shiny, soft and full of body.


Just as people have problems with dry skin, so can dogs. Many people are surprised to know that Emu Oil is also safe to use on pets and can also be used as a hot spots treatment in dogs. The soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil make it an outstanding addition to a vet-prescribed hot spots treatment for dogs.

By: Paul Binford


So, you’ve gotten a new tattoo…. Awesome! There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of new ink. Whether this is your first tattoo or one of many, one of the important phases of receiving a new tattoo is good tattoo aftercare. The good news is that with some planning and care, this is pretty easy to do. From changing your routine a bit to reaping the benefits of Emu Oil, here are five tips for the best tattoo aftercare:

1. Don’t Sleep Directly on the Tattoo.

Tattoos can take anywhere from a week or two to up to several months to heal, depending upon your body and the size and location of the tattoo. While your tattoo is healing, avoid pressing or bumping it in any way. This includes while sleeping.

2. Avoid Submerging Your New Tattoo in Water.

This can be tough, especially if your tattoo is anywhere on your torso. However, this is a critical aftercare step, especially for the first week or two after you receive your tattoo.

3. Don’t Pick at the Scabs.

It might be tempting to pick at your tattoo, especially if it starts to itch. Try and resist this temptation and let your tattoo heal naturally without the agitation of being touched or picked at.

4. Use Sunscreen to Help Keep the Colors from Fading.

You should wear sunscreen anyway, but wearing it on your tattoo can help to maintain its color and vibrance. Keep your tattoo covered by a bandage for the first couple of weeks, but once it heals, remember that sun exposure can fade your tattoo.

5. Use Emu Oil as Your Aftercare Moisturizer.

Emu Oil products can provide the nutrition your skin needs after a new tattoo. Products like Ink Slinger Aftercare penetrate deep into the skin and help the colors to set. Emu Oil products encourage skin cell development and can reduce plasma oozing. Other benefits of Emu Oil products include being all natural and anti-inflammatory, so your skin won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals.

Treating your tattoo gently by giving it time to heal and using the benefits of Emu Oil are a must for keeping your tattoo looking great. Whether this is your first tattoo or the first of many, good tattoo aftercare will definitely enhance the experience.

By: Katy Binford

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