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  1. Purple Rub All Natural Pain Relief Cream

    Purple Emu Purple Rub All Natural Pain Relief Cream O.T.C. With Emu Oil.
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  2. Wound On Dog’s Ear Slow To Heal Or Not Healing At All Due To Scratching, Rubbing And Shaking Of Ears.
    Supplies Needed: Disinfectant, Silver Nitrate, Band Aids, Gorilla Tape.
    1. Clean wound with Disinfectant.
    2. Cauterize wound with Silver Nitrate.
    3. Apply several Band Aids over and around wound.
    4. Apply several narrow strips of Gorilla Tape over, around and overlapping the Band Aids so that the Gorilla Tape will stick to the hair and skin of the ear creating a patch.
    5. Position the ear in its natural shape, not in a bind, and keep dry.
    6. Leave patch on for 1 week monitoring the ear daily for any irregularities, excessive rubbing or irritation.
    7. If patch comes off reapply per the steps above. Cauterize if necessary.
    8. After 1 week remove the patch and check on progress.
    9. If needed, reapply new patch per the steps above for another week and continue monitoring daily.
    10. Based on what the wound looks like and the surrounding area of the ear continue as needed. Additional cauterizing with Silver Nitrate may be necessary.
    11. Do not use creams or lotions until wound completely heals, as this will make area too soft and pliable and allow wound to continue to break open and bleed.
    12. After patch is removed, continue to monitor daily until area is completely healed.
    13. Learning from our mistakes, the keys are to cauterize with Silver Nitrate, use Gorilla Tape, no creams and lotions and the overlapping of the Gorilla Tape over the Band Aids. The overlapping of the tape allows the patch to stick, not come off and almost become part of the ear. Our dog tolerated this way better than we expected and now has a very nice looking healed ear. 

    Denis Baker
    March 2014

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