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Reliable research has been and continues to be done to document and support the claims that users of Emu Oil have been making for years. Science is proving Emu Oil to be a modern miracle for its ability to enhance the vitality of normal skin while therapeutically healing dry, chapped, damaged skin and for the relief of pain and inflammation of injured tissues and joints.

Of all the natural products available to the consumer today, none can boast the versatility and benefits of Emu Oil. The potential of this truly amazing oil is virtually untapped at this time.

Today Emu Oil can be found from the medicine cabinet at home to the professional sports training room. Emu Oil truly is a medicine cabinet in a bottle. An ancient wisdom for modern time. A few drops of oil rubbed into the affected area is all it takes. Take it with you wherever you go. A little goes a long way.

Join the millions of people around the world who are discovering for themselves what the ancient Aborigines have know since the dawn of time that with Emu Oil - Life Just Got Better!

To learn more about Emu Oil or to place your order please visit my website at:


With Fall here and temperatures lowering, as an added bonus mention Emu Oil Lip Balm in the comment section of your order form and I will send one to you free of charge along with your order.


Denis Baker Emus


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Purple Emu Emu Oil is available by clicking Order Here and on many other pages of this website.

Mention the season Spring of 2024 in the comment section of your Emu Oil Products Order Form and I will send you free of charge a little something extra along with your order.

Emu Oil is currently available locally in Bastrop, Louisiana at Pearce Pharmacy, Lee's Pharmacy and Nutrition Point. Emu Oil is also currently available in Monroe, Louisiana at Thurmanize on Hudson Lane.
Featured use for Emu Oil this month is Psoriasis Care. The special this month is Purple Emu Psori-Care 11 Psoriasis Cream 4 oz. Jar. Regular price $18.00. Special price $13.00.
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